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Here’s how MBA students can maintain work-life balance

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Going after an MBA takes commitment. Add work and family and it can seem like a lot to juggle.

It is possible to maintain a work-life balance and make time for the most important people in your life by making a few behavioral adjustments to manage your time better.

In her article “30 Time Management Tips For Work-Life Balance” Frances Booth offers ways people can become more productive and focused and stay balanced.

Sometimes it’s best to change perspective. Instead of thinking about the time you don’t have, think about what you have time to do. “Use your time for things that are worth it,” Booth says.

She also recommends doing a time audit, review what you spend your time on and decide where you might want to redistribute your time. Here are more suggestions:

Schedule quality time

Examine what you consider time well spent, Booth also suggests. At work, this could be meeting deadlines for least favored tasks while still having time for work you enjoy. Meanwhile, you may also be focused on leaving work in time to spend valuable time with friends and family. Date nights, family nights and weekend time with friends can give you something to look forward to and provide an incentive for managing time wisely to have uninterrupted quality time with loved ones.

Build your support team

Don’t go it alone. Ask for support from someone else. In grad school, you will meet several people who are dealing with similar challenges and goals. Help each other. Not only can you find yourself better able to manage your responsibilities, but you are building a stronger relationship.

Set goals and prioritize

Prioritization is key. What are the most important things you have to do at school, work and home? Once priorities are established, it will be easier to see what is important and what is not. Don’t try to do it all. Instead, focus on that is most important. Whether you use good old paper and pen or a time management app, make sure you set goals for what you want to achieve in a day, a week and beyond.


When you are tired and stressed, it’s difficult to be productive. Take mini-breaks when you need to recharge and refocus. In addition to your mini-breaks and proper rest, take some time to have fun or exercise – which can do wonders for productivity.

For additional advice, here are two tips from Alvernia students and alumni:

  • Determine the most beneficial way to complete your degree and create a master plan to make it happen. Keep in mind your long-term plan and work towards it.
  • For parents, consider your children’s ages and involve them in your educational journey. They may enjoy going to the campus library with you or feel motivated by seeing your dedication to your schoolwork. Toddlers, pre-teens and teenagers have different needs, so your strategy has to be adjusted to fit them.

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