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Beyond corporate careers, opportunities for MBA grads abound

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More and more businesses realize that if they want to keep up and stay ahead, they have to hire the right people. MBA graduates are top candidates because they have various skills in interpersonal relationships, communication and strategic thinking.

In addition, MBA graduates are prepared for the current issues in today’s economy and fluid business environment. Many grads have gained professional experience and attended business school after a few years in the workforce to advance their career. This means they can immediately begin to contribute to the workplace.

MBA grads that have an interest in finance and financial services, but are not interested in working for a corporation can choose the consultancy path. Consulting is a big draw for MBA graduates because they can offer their expertise to a variety of companies. Strategic thinking is a valuable skill for those who work as consultants as they can provide a fresh perspective to businesses.

Here are other paths MBA grads can follow:


Applicable Skills:

  • Strong listening skills
  • Ability to communicate with all levels of management
  • Big picture thinking
  • Desire to tackle complex business problems


Applicable Skills:

  • Multi-functional team experience
  • Creativity
  • Presentation skills
  • Knowledge of marketing principles


Applicable Skills:

  • Ability to work with a wide variety of people
  • Basic understanding of supply chain management
  • Ability to handle a variety of tasks
  • Quantitative skills

Two additional options for MBA grads might want to consider are nonprofit or technology.

According to the article, Why Choose Nonprofit Jobs, great nonprofits have characteristics that can offer employees much job satisfaction. Some of these characteristics are:

  • An open and transparent culture
  • Employee confidence in leadership
  • Employees feel they have a stake in the goals of the organization
  • An environment that fosters a sense of mutual respect
  • Opportunities to relax and socialize with other employees

MBA grads interested in the nonprofit sector can learn more here.

Tech firms large and small also benefit from MBA grads skills. Examples of positions for MBAs with a technology specialty include IT manager and digital marketing manager. These managers supervise employees and communicate with internal and external parties about various tech issues for their employer MBA courses such as project management and change management can sharpen these professionals’ skills and role as a liaison between technology and business.

You can get specific ideas for your own career from reading the profiles of three Alvernia University MBA graduates. Instead of joining corporate America, they all decided their mark in consulting, public administration and non-profits right here in Pennsylvania.

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