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Reinvent your career with an MBA degree

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According to an article in U.S. News & World Report, 70 percent of MBA applicants plan to change careers. This article, also introduces a ballerina who went from dancing to a career in healthcare consulting. She’s quoted as saying, “What I want is such a drastic change, I knew I couldn’t do it without an M.B.A.”

Going to business school for an MBA can not only enhance your career, it can also transform your career.

An MBA degree becomes an asset when seeking to reinvent a career because the degree provides the necessary education for a well-rounded skill set. The flexible nature of an MBA makes it a highly sought-after graduate degree. Here are some things to consider when using an MBA to switch careers.

Reinvent your career with an MBA degree Develop your skill for the industry or position

If you want to make a career change, you have to decide whether you want to in a new industry or a new function, according to this article on The Muse website.

Before entering into either, you need to understand which of your skills are transferrable and which you need to develop. Once you determine your area of interest and the necessary skills, you can pursue your goals by taking classes, joining professional clubs, attending conferences, reading blogs and industry news and making friends with fellow students or alumni who may already work in that industry or position.

Reinvent your career with an MBA degree Market your MBA experience

While you are studying for your MBA, you will write papers, participate in team projects and take courses that will reflect on business and workplace practices and problems. Market this experience to potential employers to let them know that you have relevant knowledge for your new career.

Emphasize any team activities you participated in, highlighting any examples of your leadership abilities. Also, be sure to include any internship or capstone experience in your résumé and interviews.

Reinvent your career with an MBA degreeNetwork with Industry Professionals

Networking is an important factor in transitioning into a new career.  Many of the courses involved in Alvernia’s MBA program have students working in teams; this provides students multiple ways to network. Taking time out of your busy schedule to network might save you time when you are ready to apply for jobs – you might get on the inside track sooner by connecting with the right people.

Reinventing your career may not be easy, but the versatile and respected MBA degree can help you leap over some of the challenges.

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