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Time management apps for the busy MBA student

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Practically everyone who enrolls in Masters in Business Administration program asks themselves the same question: How will I find time to do this? Thanks to time management apps, it’s easy to take notes more efficiently, schedule projects and meet assignment deadlines.

There are several programs out there with features such as calendars, lists, timers and mind-mapping tools. Here’s a list to help guide you through some of the options for a few of the most popular time management apps:


Startup Timeful offers their eponymous product, an iOS app designed to help people manage their time. The app works as a calendar and to-do list and uses intelligent code to gather information on the user’s habits and regular routines in order to make recommendations on times to schedule new tasks when the user is most productive. The goal of Timeful is for users to become less reliant on the app.


Many MBA students are likely familiar with Evernote. It’s one of the most popular productivity apps, allowing users to take notes, quickly search text in notes, photos and PDFs, draft agendas and capture ideas while they are still fresh. Evernote lets users save articles and web pages and also helps with multimedia presentations and conducting research.

Focus booster

Focus booster is an online app that allows users to break up their schedule into manageable chunks. It’s based on the Pomodoro technique – using a timer to break down work into shorter sessions with a number of breaks in order to keep users productive. MBAs might find the digital app appealing because it offers visual cues for keeping track of time.


Sharing tasks and responsibilities can get a little easier with Listastic. The to-do list app provides functionality to organize, collaborate and share lists. Whether you have to share tasks related to a group assignment in your MBA classes, or need to remember what groceries to get for home, Listastic can help.


Finish is called the “to-do list for procrastinators.” It sends notifications to prioritize tasks that are due soon. The iOS app not only provides users with streamlined, easy-to-use interfaces for managing to-do lists, but also a feeling of accomplishment – a checkmark and rewarding sound when tasks are completed. The multitasking MBA student should be thankful.

Mind 42

Get ideas flowing with Mind 42, an online-only mind-mapping application which allows users to create and build visual idea trackers in the form of spider diagrams, lists, thought clouds and more. Although the software app is not available for mobile, it is a quick way to create and manage early ideas and then develop in-depth research.

Perhaps the best time management app for an MBA student is enrolling in a school that understands the needs of working professionals and offers convenient locations. The MBA program at Alvernia University offers classes on multiple campuses in Reading and Pottsville, which are accessible to those in Harrisburg, Allentown, Lancaster, Kutztown and Philadelphia.

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