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MBA job search question: Is a start-up career for you?

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MBA Careers in Startups

Earning an MBA opens up a world of job opportunities. While some plan to put their MBA degree to use in a corporate setting, others like the idea of working at a start-up. The media portrays life at a start-up as super cool. After all, working at a new company with just a handful of co-workers often means a flexible, casual environment where even the CEO knows your name.

Not so fast. …

While working at a start-up could be the best move you make professionally, it could also not be a good fit. Before jumping into a career at a start-up, ask yourself these questions to help figure out if it is really for you.

Am I OK with wearing many hats?

Work variety can be a double-edged sword. On one side, you can learn and try out many roles before deciding on a career path you want to take in the long run. On the other, there is the possibility of working in roles you might not be qualified or over-qualified for. You might have to take on anything at a start-up because of limitations in staffing and resources. Consider this if you prefer a more predictable and focused career path. A start-up career can help you gain skills and experience in multiple positions.

What do I need to reach my career goals?

If you are resourceful and thrive on taking initiative, then a start-up might give you the freedom to take on your goals. If, however, you prefer to have plenty of resources at your fingertips, then a start-up might not provide you with all you seek. Larger companies usually have a bigger budget, meaning more resources. At a start-up, you have to be willing to get ahead using your problem-solving and creative abilities to find ways to make more happen with less.

How well do I take ownership of my responsibilities?

You will definitely know what you are responsible for at a start-up. You will also be critical to the success of the business. When things go well in your purview, you can celebrate the success. When things don’t go well, you take the blame. If you love knowing you are important to helping your business stay afloat and flourish, then a start-up can provide you with much satisfaction.

It’s up to you to decide what’s important for your career and the best place to work toward your goals. Just consider your personality, work preferences and the individual needs you have for yourself and your career. Your MBA degree can open the door to a number of careers; pick the one that’s best for you.

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