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Interview tips for MBAs on the hunt for new opportunities

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You’ve made it. You finished your MBA degree, you sent out your resume and now it’s time to show potential employers what you’ve got. It’s interview time!

There are many ways you can improve your chances of landing your next job. Here are some tips.

Listen Intently

Instead of going over and over in your head what you are going to say next, focus on the question the interviewer is asking. Listen carefully and read between the lines for what is really being asked.

Know your audience

Improve communication by putting yourself in the interviewer’s shoes. Focus on gaining insight into what they want to know and how they want to be addressed.

Showcase your skills and education

Earning an MBA is a major accomplishment. Your education and specific examples of skills and experiences will enliven the story you share about yourself. Interviewers are likely to also expect MBA graduates to be able to provide detailed examples of management and leadership capabilities.

Highlight previous experiences

Your resume alone will not show the interviewer how you will be an asset to their company. Is there relevant work experience you can discuss that proves how well you set a goal and successfully achieved it? MBA students can also highlight activities from coursework that convey their abilities and qualities.

Stay up-to-date on relevant topics

Keep up with current industry news and relevant topics to the positions you are seeking. Reading articles and press releases from news feeds and looking for specific industry keywords on Twitter are good ways to keep up and also spot trends.

Research your target company

Find out as much as you can about the company before you interview. In addition to the company website, company profiles on LinkedIn provide information on connections at the company, new hires and jobs posted. It can also help to take a look at your interviewer’s LinkedIn profile to get insight into their job and background.

Expect the unexpected.

There are typical questions you can expect in a job interview, but there are also the questions or comments you cannot predict. Often, there are issues the interviewer wants to clarify. It’s important to stay calm and provide confident responses to questions or concerns they have. Many employers want to know if you can think on your feet and want to see how you handle a challenge.

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