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Interest in Tech Careers Grows for MBAs

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Move over big banks and consultancies: Start-ups and tech firms are making their way to the top of MBA lists.

More and more business school graduates are pursuing jobs in the technology and e-commerce industries, which offer opportunities to work in new innovation. Meanwhile, tech companies are looking for MBA graduates to help lead their operations as they grow and mature.

Large technology firms, including Amazon and Apple, are among the employers leading the growth in MBA hires. The world’s top employers hired 8% more MBA graduates in 2014 and forecast 12% growth in MBA hiring in 2015, according to the article, “Tech Groups Lead Global MBA Hiring Surge Of 8%, Pay Jumps 4%.”

In the article, Miriam Park, Amazon’s director of university recruiting, offers some insight into the trend: “MBAs are very strong problem solvers and analytical thinkers, which makes them a great leadership pipeline.”

Small tech firms are also eyeing MBA graduates. A survey by the MBA Career Services & Employer Alliance, an association of business school career-management offices and companies, found that start-up companies are leading the way as the types of organizations showing a stronger presence on campus to recruit MBA graduates. Fifty-three percent of school respondents said they saw more start-ups recruiting on campus.

Smaller firms can offer graduates a more agile and team-oriented work environment in which their MBA skills can flourish. Big or small, companies in today’s fast-paced world value the quantitative, analytical and technical knowledge MBA grads can bring to the table.

Meanwhile, some MBA graduates are taking what they learn in their programs to launch their own start-ups. A survey by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) shows that 4% of MBA students have entrepreneurial experience when they enter their program, but 26% say they want to start companies after they graduate.

B-School Job Market at a Glance from Graduate Management Admission Council

Entrepreneurs find that an MBA degree program not only teaches them techniques to run a business, but also comes with the opportunity to network with other business students and faculty. Budding business owners are also making stops at tech firms to gain experience before starting their own businesses.

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