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MBA: A Smart Mid-Career Option

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MBA degrees are breathing new life into mid-level careers.

Many mid-career professionals are pursuing MBAs with the hopes of increasing their prospects of higher income and positions. For these experienced workers, an MBA can be used for networking, starting a business, advancing in a current field or jump-starting a new career. Overall, a graduate business degree adds to their marketability and flexibility.

Management degree alumni in higher-level job positions are more likely to attribute their career progress to their graduate education, years of work experience, change of employers, and opportunities for change within their company, such as promotions, according to the 2014 Alumni Perspectives Survey from the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC).

During the course of their careers, many professionals might find where additional education can fill gaps in their skills and on their résumés.  Businesspeople looking to change careers or prepare themselves for promotions can benefit from MBA coursework. An MBA program usually offers specializations or courses on finance, marketing and accounting. Alvernia offers six areas for students to choose from to create a course of study that is customized to specific career goals, including corporate management, human resources, the non-profit or government sectors and entrepreneurship.

Moving up in the ranks at an organization requires many factors, including hard work and dedication, leadership abilities and personal development. Mid-careerists can reassure employers of their commitment to professional development by going after an MBA. An MBA can solidify the skills they do have, while also providing more knowledge of management theory and practice.

An MBA can certainly represent that an employee has advanced professional qualities. And, by returning to school to earn an MBA, a mid-career professional is making it clear that he or she sees the value in learning and developing new skills.

If mid-career professionals worry about combining classes with careers, they should be happy to know MBA programs come in many shapes and sizes including online, weekend and evening. For example, the Alvernia MBA program offers a flexible format designed to accommodate a working professional’s schedule.

MBA seekers need to consider the return on investment and the long-term benefits of their degree. Mid-level professionals are at a good place in their careers to honestly evaluate how an MBA can support their goals.

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