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Student Insights: Kozlowski says MBA goal worth the time

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We recently surveyed our MBA students to learn where they are in their career and asked what advice they have for those considering earning an MBA. We’ll share their thoughts periodically on this blog to help you decide if you should enroll in an MBA program. Here are a few insights from Nicholas Kozlowski, CIC, commercial lines manager at TR Insurance Group, Inc. in Collegeville, PA.

There are many sacrifices that come with graduate study. Many students are juggling the needs of family, a job and their education, which means they may be sacrificing time at home, work and school. But grad school is temporary, and the adjustments made during that time can be worth it. Just ask Nicholas, who says the benefits of earning his MBA outweighed some of the challenges.

What was your undergraduate major/degree?

My undergraduate degree is BA in Organizational Development. I originally started at Delaware County Community College, but transferred and completed my studies at Immaculata University.

What are the major differences between the undergraduate and graduate college experiences?

For both my undergraduate and my graduate degrees I attended night school.  In many ways there were a lot of similarities – working all day then attending class at night and finding time in between to do schoolwork.  But the biggest difference I noticed between the two was how expectations change. On the graduate level, I felt like the professors treated you more as an equal, but their expectations of your work was higher. Projects and papers did not simply require you to recite items from the textbook. You also had to use your critical analysis skills to find solutions and defend your reasoning.

What are the challenges and the benefits of studying for an MBA?

There was only one challenge in studying for my MBA and that was time. I had to be able to miss out on the time with my family and friends while trying to find the time to work on papers and meet with classmates for projects. Regardless of all of the challenges, I feel the benefits greatly outweighed the drawbacks. By obtaining this degree, it will allow me to better provide for my family. The mere two and a half years I spent on my degree is just a drop in the bucket in the grand scheme of things and honestly I did not miss out on that much! Furthermore, I feel more enriched both personally and professionally by this experience.

Have you started to apply your MBA studies in your work?

Yes, from the first class! One of the great things about night school is you are often able to apply your education right away. One way you can look at it is that by obtaining this degree it is more like an evolution of sorts. My critical thinking skills developed more and I was better able to understand different business practices, which further encouraged me to pursue my degree.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I am very happy that I choose Alvernia for this part of my education. I got a lot out of every class that I took and I found that I am able to apply what I learned in my career.

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