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Meet the MBA Faculty: Woosoon Kim

  • MBA Alvernia

woosoon kim mba professorThe determination to succeed is a quality found in business and sport. It is what pushes participants in both arenas to develop effective strategies to overcome challenges.

Assistant professor Dr. Woosoon Kim knows this firsthand as a member of the MBA program faculty at Alvernia University. His motivation has led him to pursue advanced degrees in business and sports management, traveling across the world in the process.

“With a bachelor’s degree of accounting from Pusan National University in South Korea, I wanted to learn financial analysis techniques from one of the most developed countries in the world,” Kim shares. “It was my American dream.”

His dream came true when he moved to the United States to study economics at Oregon State University and later when he pursued an MBA at Washington State University. It was at Washington State University where Kim’s interest into sports management hit full speed.

“I became involved with a couple of projects such as an economic impact analysis of the golf industry and the development of effective pricing strategies pertaining to sport business,” he says. “However, I already had lots of interest in sports. My athletic experience, as a member of the Taekwondo team at Pusan National University and a Taekwondo instructor for many years, easily guided me to expand my research in the field of sports.”

So, Kim decided to pursue a Ph.D. in Sport Management at the University of Florida, which he received in 2010. After a year as an instructor at the University of South Dakota, Kim moved to Reading, Pa. in 2011 and joined the faculty at Alvernia.

At Alvernia, Kim teaches courses on accounting, investment and portfolio management in the MBA program. He enjoys introducing these business fundamentals to students while also presenting international topics in class.

“The sport business is an extremely competitive industry,” Kim explains. “It motivates professionals to seek higher education to focus on specific areas such as information technology and international sport.”

In addition to business courses, he shares his martial arts experience in an undergraduate Taekwondo course he teaches at Alvernia.

Kim, a father of two boys, must also save some energy for outside of the classroom.

“My two sons bring lots of activities for me,” he says. “They love outdoor activities, so we play soccer, go hiking and swim when the weather allows.”

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