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The Top 4 Skills MBA Program Graduates Should Have

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Business school graduates are expected to bring fresh management skills to the table. They should be able to show employers that they have what it takes to help organizations run efficiently and effectively.

Courses in the MBA program at Alvernia University in Berks County are designed to give students a comprehensive approach to the fundamentals of business administration. Here are some of the essential skills MBA graduates possess after completing the program at Alvernia, and how they are applied in the workplace.

Analytical Skills

The ability to make good decisions is essential for a manager. After successfully completing courses in quantitative methods and managerial accounting, MBA graduates can make management decisions by using mathematical and statistical methodology. They know how to help an organization move forward, while simultaneously keeping an eye on the bottom line.

Communication Skills

Graduates must have the ability to clearly express their thoughts verbally and in written form. They must be able to get their point across and listen in an open way that builds positive relationships with other team members. Effective communication skills will help them in client relations, closing deals and managing projects. In addition, professionals need to be aware of their body language while communicating.

Collaboration and Team Building

Collaboration requires giving and receiving feedback from team members in order to perform a task. A hallmark of positive teamwork is the acknowledgement of each team member’s strengths, experience and contributions. An MBA graduate should be able to motivate the team, empower people to do their jobs, encourage togetherness and praise the team for accomplishments.


MBA courses are designed to teach students valuable skills in problem-solving and strategic thinking. In the classroom, students are exposed to various business situations where they must identify issues and think strategically before offering solutions. Problem-solving skills enable an MBA graduate to think on their feet, sometimes with limited information. An important part of resolving issues in the workplace is the ability to analyze risks involved and unforeseen impacts of potential solutions.

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