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MBA Degree Offers Value to a Variety of Sectors

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What industries can you work in with an MBA degree? Alvernia MBA alumni work in a variety of fields – such as manufacturing, healthcare, technology, corporations, international intelligence, and public administration. This not only proves an MBA can travel far and wide, but that many industries are seeking employees who possess the management skills to help navigate the complexities.

Here are a few ways an MBA degree can be applied to select fields as diverse as manufacturing, healthcare and technology.


The 21st Century manufacturing industry is technology-driven and multifaceted. Managers who possess a variety of skills are needed to help meet the needs of the industry, including in facets such as supply chains, human resources and accounting. Manufacturing jobs for MBA graduates can include project management and business analysis. Graduates with technical backgrounds can take their skills in logistics, sourcing and product development and combine them with an MBA degree to move up in their fields.


The healthcare setting calls for professionals skilled in hospital management, administration and economics. Whether they are preparing for new or more administrative roles, healthcare professionals are seeking MBA degrees to advance their careers and improve patient experience.

Healthcare management can be rewarding, but challenging. Growing competition and financial concerns have many healthcare organizations looking for administrators who can effectively lead a changing healthcare system.

An MBA can develop a healthcare professional’s analytical skills, human resource knowledge and grasp of financial principles. Importantly, it can prepare a professional to make important business decisions for their organization.


The technology industry needs people with technical know-how and the ability to manage innovation. Organizations are seeking managers and leaders who understand both technology and business.

An MBA can help professionals move up to positions in systems management, analysis, or to senior positions such as information technology director and chief technology officer (CTO). Tech managers are relied upon to offer insights into customers, costs and how to make scientific ideas a reality. Strategic management principles learned in MBA programs can be especially useful for tech managers in charge of developing and implementing new products and change.

MBA graduates are showing how they can customize their business management education to fit the needs of their chosen industries.

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