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An inside look at MBA 518: Corporate Communication

  • MBA Alvernia

In our previous blog, we profiled Matthew Wertz, who is an Alvernia MBA alumnus and a senior intelligence analyst at Lockheed Martin. We asked Wertz about his favorite classes from the program and he excitedly mentioned the MBA 518 Corporate Communication course.

“Communications class! What a great lead-off course to have!” wrote Wertz about the corporate communications class.

In that course a range of business communication topics, including communication strategies, media relations, public relations, business case studies/ best practices, as well as legal and ethical issues are taught.

Students learn how to manage the media and get their message out effectively. Each student does a video interview in which they are interviewed by mock media in a fictitious work event or crisis situation. The students then view all the videos with the professor and critique each other.

MBA 518 is as hands-on and practical as possible. The course relies on students to share their communication challenges, so the class can analyze them and come up with practical solutions.

“The field of communication is quickly evolving due to technology, but the basic communication principles still apply to the corporate environment. However, technology is greatly effecting how we delivery are communication messages,” says Jodi Radosh, who has taught the course in the past.

Another topic covered in the course is how to handle a communication crisis. Students examine many best- as well as worst-case scenarios and analyze the most effective communication strategies, including how to run successful meetings, write good emails, and how to best utilize social media. Students also discuss employee communications both internally and externally as well as other public relations issues.

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