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Alvernia alumni uses skills learned in MBA courses to hunt terrorists

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What do you do after being senior intelligence officer of Amphibious Squadron ELEVEN, Strike Fighter Wing Pacific and Patrol Reconnaissance Wing ONE? You enroll in Alvernia’s MBA program, of course.

Retired Naval Officer Matthew Wertz, who now works for Lockheed Martin as a senior intelligence analyst in their Information Systems & Global Solutions business area, told us he had wanted to get an MBA for several years.

“I had wanted to get out of the ‘Intelligence Analyst’ part of the intel community and wanted to get into the program/project management end of the community,” says Wertz of the driving force behind his decision to get his MBA.

Wertz, who also received his BA from Alvernia, says, “Coming back to ‘The Vern’ for an MBA after an undergrad degree there was a logical thing to do based on known education standards, accessibility and cost,” of his choice.

In Wertz’s current role he works to find the Taliban who plant roadside bombs. According to the website he referred us to, Wertz’s group “enables offensive operations against complex networks of financiers, IED makers, trainers and their supporting infrastructure by providing intelligence surveillance, reconnaissance, information operations, counter-bomber targeting, biometrics and weapons technical intelligence capabilities.”

Wertz explained how he uses much of what he learned in individual MBA courses in his current role. “The stats class was of great help, and the law course was a good exercise in what we call ‘Alternative Competitive Hypothesis.’ Marketing was good in crafting an assessment, and the strategy class was good for longer-range thinking.  The capstone course was excellent in developing a deliverable product. The ethics classes reminded me that complacency can kill. Accounting was good with the ‘follow the money’ aspect.”


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