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Addressing the Top Three Myths of Online MBA Programs

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You know an MBA will help your career, you’re ready to enroll in a program but you’re just not sure if you should study online or in the classroom. Review this list of common myths about studying online to help make your decision.

MYTH: Online classes are easier than traditional classes

Reality: The online and on-campus MBA classes at Alvernia follow the same curriculum and are taught by the same faculty members, so the difficulty of the courses is identical. Students who enroll in online classes need to get their syllabus on the first day of class, so they know the professor’s expectations and deadlines.

By keeping both programs the same, Alvernia ensures that every graduate from the MBA program – whether they study online or on-campus – upholds the university’s strong reputation.

MYTH: I can do everything at 3 a.m.

Reality: While it’s true that online classes give students the flexibility to do the work when they have the time, it’s best to work ahead of deadlines or during office hours, just in case you have a question for your instructor. If you have a question in the middle of the night, go ahead and send an e-mail but realize the response will not be immediate.

MYTH: I just need to know how to login and how to send an e-mail

Reality: It’s not quite that easy. Online students must learn how to use two software packages, Blackboard and Turnitin. They are easy to use. And to make it even easier, students can click here for quick videos and PDFs explaining how to do everything from submitting assignments to creating discussion board posts to checking grades and more.

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