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Five Tips on Combining LinkedIn Plus Your MBA Degree for Career Growth

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Since LinkedIn has been around for 10 years, most professionals already have a profile and are connected to business associates. If that’s all you do on LinkedIn, however, please keep reading!  Earning your MBA is the first step to advancing your career and mastering LinkedIn is the second step.

1. Keep profile current.

Obviously your profile should have a professional photo and up-to-date information. But don’t just fill in the blanks once and forget about it. When you win an award or learn a new skill, take the time to update your profile. Too many people consider this a static page when in reality it’s a page that keeps evolving.

2. Be active in groups.

The purpose of a university’s alumni group is to promote their school and the careers of their alumni so this is one of the first groups you should join. But, don’t stop there. Find groups for your industry and you’ll have instant access to the specific news in your field.  According to the article, 4 Ways Linkedin Groups Can Help Your Job Search, you should, “bring up discussion topics that help showcase your knowledge and skills and refer to areas you are interested in, that way, you will grab the attention of relevant contacts. Remember networking is not only about what you can get, focus first on making a positive contribution to the group and its members.”

3. Keep posts useful.

The old expression, ‘ you never get a second chance to make a first impression’ is still true today. As USNews points out, you should avoid, “posting questions that simply demonstrate your neediness. It is not OK to post repeatedly: “I’ve been looking for a job for X months without success. Can you help me?” Instead, post links to articles and use questions to start conversations. Before you make a post, ask yourself what it says about your personal brand.

4. Use LinkedIn for research.

Graduate school is the perfect time to think about what your next step could be and you can use LinkedIn to explore your options. Here’s two examples, first, scroll through profiles of those who have jobs you love to have, to see the steps they took to land that position. Second, start following companies you would like to work at and you’ll start to understand the culture, know when they post openings and might discover you know someone who works there. Check out this article on simplyhired.com for more ideas.

5. Set up email alerts for jobs.

Pull down the job tab on LinkedIn, type in the letters, MBA, and you can search for companies looking to recruit MBA graduates. You can customize your search by specific geographic location and you’ll also see which of your connections are employed at these organizations.

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