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Alumni Spotlight: MBA Degree Puts Peterdozzi in the Heart of the Action at QVC

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Every college student has hopes and dreams, yet far too many of those dreams never move beyond mere words. Then there is Julia Peterdozzi, (B.S. ’11, MBA ’12). During the sophomore year of her undergraduate studies at Alvernia, she set her sights on working at QVC. Now armed with her MBA degree, she’s made that dream come true.

Julia first set foot into QVC’s headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania as part of a group project she was working on for an undergraduate communications class. “I told myself that I was going to work there one day, and I made that happen!”

Later, when she was taking MBA classes, she took a part time job as a product coordinator in the digital studio at QVC, and also worked part time as a graduate assistant at Alvernia. Juggling those two jobs turned out to be a very smart move.

“Obtaining a full time position within less than a year was possible because QVC hires from within very often,” said Julia. “When I graduated with my MBA, I was frequently checking the internal job postings for a new opportunity within the company.”

Today, she’s using the skills she developed in the MBA program as a fulltime talent coordinator for QVC.

“I worked on many group projects while earning my MBA, which is a huge benefit in my present position,” explained Julia. “We have to work together to come up with better strategies for our processes and solve problems together.”

Juggling two jobs plus her MBA classes and homework obviously taught her a thing or two about stress management. Which, as Julia quickly discovered, is essential for those working in live television.

“Last minute scripting changes can turn your entire day upside down. To stay calm on days like that, it is best to take a breath, come up with the best plan of action and tackle it,” said Julia.

Her experience shows the power of setting a goal and working hard to make it a reality and given a choice, she’d do it all over again.

Julia said she’d recommend Alvernia’s MBA program because, “I enjoyed the small classes. You really get to know the classmates that are going through the program at the same time as you. Everything I learned during that year and half has been very useful since I started working at QVC.”

What’s the next step for this Alvernia alumnus? Hopefully it will be up the ladder at QVC.

“I love working in the talent department right now, but there are so many jobs at QVC and I am eager to explore what else I can do here in the future. I am very thankful to be at a company that allows for professional growth,” said Julia.

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