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Meet the MBA Faculty: Dr. Samuel Bradley

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Dr. Samuel Bradley wasn’t sure what career path he’d follow after earning his BS in social and behavioral science.

He knew he would pursue an advanced degree but had a lot of options: social work, public health, law enforcement and business. After just one marketing course in the MBA program at Drexel University, he fell in love with marketing and never looked back.

“I enjoy applying the social and behavioral sciences to the consumer behavior. It is fascinating to study the patterns of behavior that people exhibit when visiting a retail store (they always want to go the right side of the store),” says Sam. “I enjoy reading about how and why people shop, what motivates buyers to select the products and brands they purchase.”

“Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping,” by Paco Underhill is one of Dr. Bradley’s favorite books because it, “applies sociology and psychology in observing and interpreting consumer behavior in the retail environment. “

Prior to teaching, Dr. Bradley spent the majority of his marketing career with the former AMP, Inc., where his positions included channel management, product and industry manager and market research portfolio manager. He was also the industry marketing manager for ADC, Inc.

Bradley had ample teaching experience before he joined Alvernia’s faculty, having worked as a substitute teacher while in graduate school and conducting industrial product and sales training during his career. He also spent 6 years on the faculty at Philadelphia University.

The best part about teaching at Alvernia is when a student gets excited about the field of marketing. “I love when a student comes back to me weeks after a topic has been discussed in class and proudly discusses how they recognized that application of the concept in their daily lives. That eureka moment is great.”

Dr. Bradley has taught in the MBA program in both the traditional classroom setting and online. He alters his online classes slightly to accommodate more case studies, class discussion and discovery lessons. He believes it’s important to give the online students more projects where they can self-discover the concepts that would be taught more directly in a face-to-face learning environment.

Last year was quite busy for Dr. Bradley. He co-authored chapters for textbook, “New Product Development in Textiles: Innovation and Products” and completed his dissertation.

Knowing that he finds studying human behavior to be intriguing, it’s no surprise that his dissertation’s title is, “Low Pricing and Perceived Corporate Social Responsibility in Discount Retailing.” His research looked at the influence of low pricing as compared to perceived corporate social responsibility on consumer behavior in the selection of a discount department store.

When he’s not teaching, Dr. Bradley likes to cook “low and slow” with his smoker. “I make great baby back ribs, pulled pork and smoked salmon and enjoy experimenting with various types of wood chips to create different flavors,” says Bradley. “It’s fun and very relaxing.”

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