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The typical Alvernia MBA graduate is hard to define.  That’s because our graduates take the solid business foundation they get from our MBA program, combine it with their personal interests and create their own unique career paths.

That’s exactly what Jonathan Encarnacion did.

With a background in banking, he could have gone down a million, more traditional paths with his MBA. Instead, he decided to focus on nonprofits. Encarnacion is currently the regional director for the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s UMPC For You. This is the nonprofit branch of the UPMC Health Plan that helps guide and assist medical assistance recipients on welfare.

For a man who devotes endless personal hours to nonprofits, it’s a natural fit.

Encarnacion told the Reading Eagle that he, “always had a passion working with these groups, even in banking. I became a lender to nonprofits – the groups no one else would lend to. I was enamored with their mission and that they were producing a different profit – humane development to society. That puts into perspective what it means to have a meaningful career and being a part of one allows you to be an agent of change.”

An MBA degree can be put to use in any industry that involves managing others and overseeing budgets.

The graduates from our MBA program have found positions with companies as varied as Carpenter Technology Corporation, Godiva, Penske, Reading Hospital and Medical Center, The Vanguard Group, Walt Disney Company and many more. We’re always proud to learn what the graduates from our MBA program are doing.  If you are a graduate or know someone who is, please contact us.

Learning what graduates have done with their MBA degrees is a great way to inspire prospective and current students.

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